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Dream I had saturday night

Posted by Penny on January 20, 2003 at 23:44:09:

Now I feel safe sharing this dream I had, I didn't want to post it before now, for fear of jinxing anything!

Here's the dream:

Vienna was about to perform on Letterman, and I was watching on my TV. She was going to sing Gravity. (But in the dream, Gravity was much more of a Linkin Park like song! There was a rap part at the beginning, and Vienna wasn't at the piano!) She started to sing, but the mic wasn't working. They let her go through half of the song with us hearing none of her voice before stopping her. Dave was flustered, he said "We'll see if we can try again after this break." But they couldn't get it working and they had to bring her back another night.

It was a weird dream, I woke up and it stayed with me, so I wrote it down to share with you all! SO GLAD everything went flawlessly ^_^


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