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question regarding music career

Posted by Holly on January 21, 2003 at 21:53:48:

I've been playing acoustic guitar for 7 months now and during that time, I've decided that I want to perform my music for groups of people because I loved doing solo performances when I was in middle school (I'm 16 now) and I'd love so much to do that with my own songs, playing my guitar.
How did you start your music career? Do you have any advice for somebody that's planning on starting their music career in a few years? I want to start it after highschool because then music won't take over everything in my life more than it already has so I can finish highschool.
A friend got me into you and now I can't stop listening to you.. I'm probably going to get your CD soon, so I can listen to it even more than I already do, haha...


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