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Posted by Amanda on May 26, 2001 at 05:08:48:
In Reply to: WoOOOW! posted by Samanta Flôor on May 24, 2001 at 15:03:52:

Hi Sammie! Hey folks, here is my best friend ever =)

(I've been trying to post this for a while, but my computer doesn't quite agree with me and he's in for revenge after a year of slave work. I'm trying again now, sorry if something gets misplaced)

Now I've heard all of the songs a zillion times, I think I've changed my mind a bit =)

'Gravity' is still number one though. 'Momentum' went to number five. Love and Physics match so well! (At least I'm a fan of both!) =D

'Drought' keeps me busy. All I've got is a clip of this girl, and she's like, 'I'll only show you so much. And I'll keep you in the palm of my hand for days in spite of that', and she laughs at my despair. She has quite a folk flair to her, like those ol' Woman Celtic collections I used to hunt around like a mad druid girl lost in time, which I am still (sigh). She's making me crazy, my computer sounds like a damaged LP, sound clip - sound clip - sound clip, loop, repeat!

And Eric, you're absolutely right. I downloaded this clip of 'Daughter'... maybe because it is not the entire song, but I misjudged this beautiful girl, and only after listening to the short clip dozens of times could I see the spirit to her. She is almost a goth girl to me, having her strong dark side and a raw, wild beauty... Anyway, she's taken Momentum's spot.

'Decade and One' keeps her fourth place on my lil playlist. I just love sudden changes, from soft to loud, and those stacatto-marcatto passages, 'as the light went down...'. I guess they aren't either, though. (I play a little piano but... Y Kant I Read?! me stupid) Those variations, little wild passages that sound like randomized, they are so Bela Bartok-like and so intriguing to hear! =)

As for the other songs, they remain on the top list, I haven't added nor subtracted any. The Lullabye is my favorite among those (once I was trying to compose lullabies for a change, then my progressive-metal-rocknoggin of a fiancé said it sounded like Enya, but what he really meant was 'damn boring', so poor little moonlight song went to the drawer).

And I love windham-hillish 'Waking Hour' from the songscraps. Beautiful, beautiful!

Boy, do I talk, huh! Sorry for that! =P

Gotta figure how to get Waking Hour from my country though, or I'll go nuts over 'Drought' and the others. Brazil has the highest taxes over imported media I've ever heard of. Yikes. =P


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