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Re: new forum and site changes

Posted by Gina on March 16, 2003 at 14:49:12:
In Reply to: new forum and site changes posted by Eric on March 12, 2003 at 20:19:21:

Thanks for the info. I cant wait for the new forum to be up and running.

: hey all -

: just wanted to tell y'all that a new forum will be coming soon. this one's getting a bit long in the tooth, as it were. so we'll soon be using the Invision Power Board. it's pretty swank.

: i don't think we'll be able to salvage the posts in this forum for the new board. but we'll keep an archive of this page for posterity.

: we'll also be changing hosting services soon. this is mostly in response to the overwhelming bandwidth we accrued during January with the Letterman and NPR appearances. our hosting plan allowed for 6 gigs of bandwidth. we'd been fine with that up until then. in January we got closer to ... say, 60 gigs of downloads and hits. whew!

: point is, the site may be down for a bit at some point. i'll try to make the transition seamless, but ... ya never know.

: (hee hee. i'm mostly posting this before it's all ready to run in an effort to get my butt in gear to make it happen! :)

: best,
: Eric
: VT.com webmaster


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