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Re: Waking Hour 1.0

Posted by Norm on August 19, 2002 at 16:41:42:
In Reply to: Re: Waking Hour 1.0 posted by vienna on August 18, 2002 at 03:08:58:

: I definitely want to make the original Waking Hour available in some form once the re-release comes out. I don't have any more actual copies I can give out, obviously, but maybe I can post hi-fi MP3s of everything that got replaced in Waking Hour 2.0, as well as a PDF of the liner notes. What do you think?

: - Vienna

Great idea! That way the original tracks will be available for anyone who would like to hear what they sound like and read the original album's liner notes as well. I don't imagine Virt would be very happy about the old Waking Hour being reproduced and sold. I listen to the Waking Hour mp3s only at work. When you download the song links to a player like Apple's iTunes, you'll listen to the album in alphabetical order unless you take the extra step of setting up an "mp3 album". I've heard that artists spend a fair amount of time deciding on the sequencing of the album tracks only to have the record company mix them all up.



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