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Re: Do mp3s hurt album sales?

Posted by vienna on September 23, 2002 at 22:29:56:
In Reply to: Do mp3s hurt album sales? posted by Norm on September 20, 2002 at 11:30:14:

: : Sorry, I've been trying to update the mp3s to be higher quality, and to include the new stuff from the Virt Records release.

: Hi, I'm sure this has been debated before: I wonder if posting high-quality mp3s would hurt the sales of Waking Hour? I'm sure fans would purchase the album anyway, but people "on the fence" might just stay with the free mp3s. I guess that's one argument for keeping low-quality mp3s or snippets on the mp3.com site.

: Norm

Interesting point. I was actually going to upload only the same MP3s available here at viennateng.com; when the CD actually comes out in November, I'll see what Virt Records thinks of putting the rest of the album up.

Eric voiced a similar concern when we first released the CD in 2001. I would tend to agree with him and with you: posting hi-fi MP3s of the *entire* album would be too tempting.


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