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Is Vienna a hack?

Posted by Norm on September 26, 2002 at 16:37:03:

In the latest entry in her "thoughts diary", Vienna discounts her singing, writing, and musical ability a bit, as well as calling herself a hack in comparison to some musicians. Ok....

We all know of major music stars that can only do one of the three. Being able to combine singing, writing, and playing nicely really shows talent in lots of people's opinions.

Talk about comparing oneself to a classical composer: I know of a hack who doesn't know how to read and write music. His musical skills are so-so. Although he writes popular tunes, he thought he was good enough to write a classical score. His name? Paul McCartney. Is he a hack compared to Beethoven? John Lennon once said the members of the Beatles weren't very good technically (hacks) when they first started.

Sorry for hogging the message board,


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