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A consultant's opinion

Posted by Norm on October 07, 2002 at 13:54:40:

At work, I had links to all the songs from Waking Hour (while it was available on mp3.com) on my Apple iTunes. I had a consultant working in my office and she saw the list of Vienna's songs sitting on the screen more than once. She finally asked, who is Vienna Teng? A former software engineer who is striking out in the music business I told her. I think she listened to the songs while I was out of the office. When I came back she said the songs were nice. Kind of like Tori Amos she said. Only maybe a bit better, as Tori Amos is a little squeeky.
Our consultant also caught me looking at this message board more than once. She said you like her, huh?
Another guy always seems to come into my office when I play the new Gravity. It's almost like if I need him, I'll just play the song and he'll show up. He must think that's the only song I listen to.
Well, back to the few songs from Waking Hour and the 2 minutes of Anna Rose.


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