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Re: Waking Hour lyrics are up

Posted by Andrys on February 01, 2003 at 21:31:10:
In Reply to: Waking Hour lyrics are up posted by vienna on January 30, 2003 at 17:47:50:

: Okay folks, you win. To save Norm and other generous individuals here from getting carpal tunnel, we've posted the lyrics in the discography section.

: Enjoy. :^)

Thanks for these. They are so tiny on the CD insert that this is helpful.

I finally got your CD at Tower today. Went to Berkeley specifically for that since everyone online seems to have a delay on it, and luckily they had two left. I should have bought the other one to give away because after listening to it, that's what I want to do, give the CD to many I know would enjoy it. Already several in my family have bought it online just hearing samples on your site.

The combination of the originality of the songs and how the music is set to your words and your singing of them is just dynamite.

Do mp3s discourage buying of the CDs? If the material and performer are disappointing yes. In your case they encourage buying.

I think it's the best pop album I've heard in the last 30 years. I was steeped in 70s artists like Leon Russell, Traffic, Blind Faith, early Elton John, Steppenwolf, Jefferson Airplane's more interesting stuff (using recorders even).

I remember walking into a music store even earlier and wondering who was -that- and it was the first hearing of Carole King who became huge for awhile but didn't have at all the variety of songs you offer here. Few people set their words as interestingly, musically, and then do such beautiful piano accompaniments, on the fly. Some of the latter remind me of good Elton John, songs not often heard that were on his early albums, before he got so commercial.

Also, a mixture of something like Joni Mitchell (sardonic lyrics), Judy Collins (purity of the voice, but not her blandness) and Chris Williamson.

Say, near the end of your Unwritten Letter I was enjoying what I thought was a violin. Was that actually a synthesizer then?? Can't find anything about it in the book. Too high to be the cello (normally), but if it IS, wow.

At any rate, thanks for these and for the alternate versions and thought/song fragments in the etcetera area. I loved the outtakes, by the way. It IS funny. Or, maybe fun is contagious. These days we can use that.

I hope you make it Berkeley way sometime so we can hear you here. At least some place closer like San Francisco.

- Andrys


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