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Re: Waking Hour Availability

Posted by Andrys on February 05, 2003 at 03:34:28:
In Reply to: Re: Waking Hour Availability posted by Norm on February 04, 2003 at 14:38:17:

: : Not double-edged in this case. If someone senses an artist has only one or two good songs, they'd stop there (true with most albums).

: That's right.
: If I hear a few mpegs and decide Waking Hour is crappy, I won't buy the album - Sale Lost. (Otherwise I would have bought it and been disappointed).

But, no. If you didn't see the mp3s online,
you'd never have even found VT unless you
happened to catch her at one of her shows.

Your thought would include not going on
Letterman because someone might not like the
song and then not buy the CD :-)

: If I like Waking Hour somewhat, I might go with just the mpegs and not buy the album - Sale Lost.

If anyone likes 'Between' and 'Gravity' (the
most accessible and with a beat) only 'somewhat'
then they're not the target audience for the CD.

They are not likely to have been people who would
have just bought the CD out of thousands in the
store. And anyone not liking either of those two on mp3.com should not buy the album. They have bad taste :-)

: Did you know that the original Waking Hour was posted to mp3.com in its entirety in high quality form? It featured the college-party version of ETGB, a piano-only version of Gravity (not the one on the web page), a different version of The Tower, and a slightly different track sequence?

Amazing. But I have to think it got the exposure mentioned in Janis Ian's latest entreaty the other day (L.A. Times).

Most of us, if we like something, will buy
the actual CD. The 'official' version.
It's an argument, by the way, to reserve lyrics
for those buying the album, actually. I do think
it's added incentive. I'd say to leave the lyrics up for just awhile :-)

- Andrys



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