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Re: Waking Hour Availability

Posted by Norm on February 05, 2003 at 11:27:46:
In Reply to: Re: Waking Hour Availability posted by Andrys on February 05, 2003 at 03:34:28:

: But, no. If you didn't see the mp3s online,
: you'd never have even found VT unless you
: happened to catch her at one of her shows.

Actually I discovered VT from an article published about her in the San Jose Mercury News.

:And anyone not liking either of those two on :mp3.com should not buy the album. They have bad :taste :-)

I bought a lot more music in my younger days, as my record collection will attest to. I buy CDs pretty infrequently these days. The most recent CD I bought was Bruce Springsteen's The Rising. I like it. (My wife can't see how anyone could like him). I also like the Santana/Michelle Branch song The Game Of Love. I would guess that a lot of people from our era (oldsters) can't see much value in stuff like Eminem or Britney Spears. (Let's compare the talent of Britney Spears to Joni Mitchell). I think Waking Hour restores our faith that beautiful music can still be made. It also lets us know how good independent artists can be. (Independent artists is probably where we'll find most of the good music these days).

: : Did you know that the original Waking Hour was posted to mp3.com in its entirety in high quality form?

Makes me mad I didn't capture it before it disappeared. Vienna is supposed to post the original versions of the changed songs on the web site someday.

:I'd say to leave the lyrics up for just awhile :-)

I'd wager that these people who want the lyrics will end up buying the album anyway.



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