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Re: So, what are your Vienna favorites?

Posted by Vienna on July 03, 2001 at 02:04:25:
In Reply to: Re: So, what are your Vienna favorites? posted by Karla on June 27, 2001 at 13:30:40:

: Speaking of Coffeehouse night, I can't make any promises but I would really like to perform Enough to Go By. In the event that we get our acts together, (1) do you mind?, (2) would it be a lot of trouble to get tabs or sheet music from you, (3) want to come hear us? Just kidding. Texas is far away.

1) Not at all. *grin* How flattering -- best of luck!
2) Hmm. Unfortunately, one of the main reasons I improvise and learn things by ear so well is because sheet music and I have a rather adversarial relationship. This means that very few of my songs have been written down, and almost none in their entirety (all the exceptions are songs from early high school, which I had to transcribe to submit to contests).

That said, while I was trying to put a band together earlier this year, I made some HTML chord maps that might help. I've copied the one for Enough To Go By into the songscraps folder: http://www.viennateng.com/high/etcetera/songscraps/enough.html.
3) Wish I could!

: Last thing, and I hope you take this well... I don't want to make you self-conscious, but you write about the seasons a lot (a reason not to change the title of Daughter).

Oh, I definitely noticed that a while back. I decided that if Sarah McLachlan could get away with using the words "yearning," "shelter," "darkness" and "comfort" as much as she does, I could get away with yammering about seasons. Good point about the title, though. :^)


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