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Other Vienna Teng appearances in cyberspace:


Virt Records

Adam Tow's fan site

Collected Sounds

DRT Mastering Music Samples

The Ectophiles' Guide to Good Music

The LiveJournal Fan Community

Garage Band Records

The Vienna Teng Fanlisting



Other artists we think are really cool:


Tori Amos

Merrie Amsterburg

Fiona Apple


Ani DiFranco

Indigo Girls

Sarah McLachlan

William Orbit

Beth Orton

Glen Phillips

Dave Matthews Band



Paul Simon

Sarah Slean


Sunfall Festival

James Taylor



Social and political leanings:


Amnesty International

National Park Service

National Public Radio

The Nature Conservancy

Natural Capitalism

Planned Parenthood

Teaching Tolerance

Zero Population Growth


More about the folks Vienna works with (those with websites, anyway):


Jim Batcho

Eric Cheng

John Given

Adam Tow


Eric Miller is currently in hiding so far as online presence goes, but he still seems to believe he'll get a Soltruna website running "soon".