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Tower Records' Artist of the Month Again
February 4, 2004

Vienna is the first artist ever to be selected as Tower Records' Artist of the Month ... twice. Check it out!

Vienna on CNN again
December 24, 2003

If you misssed it when CNN's NewsNight with Aaron Brown aired a segment featuring Vienna back in March, all is not lost! CNN will be re-broadcasting the segment at 10 pm EST on both December 25 and January 1. So don't miss it this time!

And best wishes on your wintertime (secular, non-secular, or otherwise) holidays of choice from the crew!

August 19, 2003

The Vienna Teng merchandise store is now open for business!

Summer Update
July 22, 2003

Vienna is busy recording her sophomore studio album with producer and friend David Henry. In her latest journal entry from Nashville she gives you a peek behind the scenes, complete with photos!

Despite the massive undertaking that is the creation of an album, Vienna's still managed to find time this summer to hit the road with Shawn Colvin! Visit the shows page to see if they'll be in your neck of the woods!

Vienna Headlines at Tower
May 9, 2003

Check out the front page of Tower Records' website today!

Vienna: The Documentary
April 8, 2003

Vienna's East Coast Tour is being beautifully documented in photos and prose by Adam Tow. Check out Vienna's show at The Cutting Room in NYC, see her hang out with Mercersburg Academy students, and battle the elements in Philadelphia.

Waking Hour on sale in Virgin Megastores
April 2, 2003

Waking Hour will be available at Virgin Megastores across the US this month!

New Forum now on-line
March 28, 2003

Be sure to check out the new and improved forum! Have a cuppa joe, sit back, and chat for a while. You can also jump right to the forums via the url

Vienna is Artist of The Month at Tower Records
March 12, 2003

Vienna is one of just 3 artists featured as Tower Records' Artists of the Month for March. Waking Hour is also being prominently displayed at all Barnes & Noble locations, where it is on sale through the end of April.

Waking Hour tours begin
February 21, 2003

Vienna will be on tour starting Monday, February 24, and will be on the road for pretty much all of spring 2003. Is she coming to your town? Be sure to check the calendar for the up-to-date tour schedule!

February-March: Southwest Tour (CA, AZ, NM, TX)
March-April: East Coast Tour (MA, CT, RI, NY, DC, NC, GA, TN)
May: West Coast Tour (CA, OR, WA)
May: Upper Midwest Tour (MN, WI, MI, IL, IN)

CNN cameras document a day in the life of VT
February 17, 2003

A crew from CNN's NewsNight with Aaron Brown followed Vienna around this past weekend, which included another record-setting in-store performance at Borders in Palo Alto. (Adam Tow, as usual, has some great photos of the event.) She also showed 'em around her home office, brought them along to a recording session, even took them to CCRMA at Stanford to see where Waking Hour was made.

Tentative air date is sometime in mid-March. We'll post it here as soon as we know.

Vienna on the Late Show with David Letterman!
January 17, 2003

Yes, that Late Show with David Letterman. Tune in on Monday night, January 20 at 11:30 ET/PT to catch Vienna's performance! This is a moment not to be missed.

In other news, Waking Hour shot up to #5 at after the NPR profile, and remains high in the rankings there. And on Wednesday night (January 15), The Tower was played during a scene on the NBC sitcom Ed! It's been quite a week. Congratulations to the hardworking people at Virt Records (and Endurance Music, who got the deal for Ed) for making this possible!

Vienna on NPR's Weekend Edition
January 12, 2003

This is seriously cool stuff. Vienna was featured on NPR's Weekend Edition with Liane Hansen! You can listen to the broadcast in the NPR archive.

Waking Hour featured at Tower Records
December 4, 2002

Waking Hour is now a featured title at all Tower Records locations throughout northern California. The album is on sale all month long...just in time for the holidays!

Waking Hour featured on CDBaby front page
November 13, 2002

Starting today, online independent CD store CDBaby will be featuring Waking Hour on the front page of their website. If you feel so inclined, you can also go straight to the Waking Hour page.

Borders Palo Alto sold out of Waking Hour
November 10, 2002

Midway through Vienna's Sunday in-store performance, the Borders Books & Music in downtown Palo Alto sold out of her CDs! Fortunately she had another box on hand in her car, which the staff hurriedly processed and put out on the shelves...where they nearly sold out again. That's more than 50 copies sold in the first week. Many thanks for the amazing support from you Stanford and Palo Alto fans!

Hotel Utah CD release party photos by Adam Tow
November 7, 2002

Adam Tow lent his superb photojournalist skills to last night's CD release party at Hotel Utah Saloon in San Francisco. Thanks as always, Adam!

Waking Hour released under Virt Records!
November 5, 2002

The Virt Records release of Waking Hour hit stores across the U.S. today! Congratulations and thanks to the whole team at Virt for working so hard to make this possible.

Hope those who pre-ordered the CD are enjoying the music. If you placed a pre-order and have not received it, please contact

November release shows posted
October 14, 2002

November CD release shows are up! Check out the calendar.

Highlights include the Hotel Utah on Wednesday the 6th, featuring three other stars of the open mic scene, a special afternoon show on Saturdary the 9th at the San Francisco Main Library's Koret Auditorium!

Pre-orders of the new Waking Hour now available
September 10, 2002

The Virt Records release of Waking Hour, with new arrangements and artwork, is set for November 5, 2002. Pre-orders of the CD are now available on Virt's website.

Also check out the new MP3s in the download section, including the new arrangement of Gravity!

Vienna to return to studio with producer David Henry
July 14, 2002

Upon signing with Virt Records, Vienna expressed an interest in re-recording some of the songs on Waking Hour before re-releasing the CD under the new label. After meeting with several producers, she chose Nashville-based David Henry, best known for his work with the Cowboy Junkies, Yo La Tengo, Guster and Josh Rouse. She'll be flying to Tennessee to spend a week in the studio, and you'll hear the results on the new release of Waking Hour. Wish her luck!

Vienna signs a record deal!
May 28, 2002

Yes, ladies and gents, it's happened.

Almost exactly one year after the first release of Waking Hour to the world, Vienna's signed a contract with Virt Records, a new independent label based in Brighton, Massachusetts. First item on the agenda is to re-release Waking Hour to a wider audience, with a few songs on the CD remixed for radio. Then, on to the sophomore album! Tours and other promotional events may be in the works as well. Stay tuned for updates.

For more information about Virt Records, visit their website. From Virt's "About Us" page:

"Virt aims to provide a truly artist-friendly environment and platform, by entering into partnerships with each artist and working in a collaborative manner. Virt was founded on the belief that with the consolidation and shorter-term mentality of the major labels and the growth of the Internet, increased opportunities are likely to emerge for such artist-friendly independent labels. Virt looks to align itself with amazingly talented musicians possessing a strong work ethic and to mount active, creative, and innovative promotional campaigns, both offline and online, on behalf of its artists and releases. By capitalizing on a far smaller release schedule than major labels, Virt has the ability to treat each and every artist's release as a priority."

Now, the really important news...the first run of Waking is almost sold out, and the second run won't be released until late this year. So if you want a copy of the original CD (soon to be a rarity, you know...*wink*), better get it soon!

There are 11 copies left in stock at CDBaby, plus a handful in Vienna's possession to sell through this website or at live shows. After the first-run supply is gone, she'll be taking pre-orders for the Virt Records release.

And, to celebrate her arrival at this most happy milestone, Vienna'll be posting lyrics of new songs in the songscraps section of the website, as well as some new sound clips, over the next few weeks.

A note from Vienna:

As always...many, many thanks to everyone who's helped, advised, encouraged, listened, and shared stories with me over the past year. It's been an amazing journey so far, and you -- yes, you -- have made this little dream of a life of mine possible. Here's to the journey ahead!

Listen to Between on
February 8, 2002

Another free download from Waking Hour..."Between" is now a showcase song on And there's a virtual tip jar (via PayPal), so you can show your love without going all-out with a CD purchase. Enjoy!

Canvas show photos at
January 28, 2002

Sorry for the late newsbreak...Eric Cheng took some great photos of the January 17 full-band show at The Canvas. Thanks, Eric!

Waking Hour a top seller at!
January 16, 2002

Waking Hour is on CDBaby's current bestseller list! Not sure when it first appeared there (it's a rolling tally of the past seven days' sales), but it's been there about a week since we discovered it. Thanks to everyone who's bought the CD recently! (Would it be too shameless to say "And let's try to keep it on that list"?)

Waking Hour at
November 27, 2001

Waking Hour is now for sale at online music store CDBaby. Autographed copies are still being sold from this website. Check the ordering page for details.

Waking Hour breaks even
October 22, 2001

Waking Hour sales have completely paid off the production, mastering and manufacturing costs of making the album -- with funds left over to pay for the hosting of this website through April of next year! Awww yeah.

Our immense gratitude goes to those of you out there who bought copies and made this possible. You all rock our world.

New photos page
October 20, 2001

Visit the photos page and check out new pics from a September photo shoot and various live shows. Many thanks to Adam Tow and Eric Cheng for their marvelous photography skills!

CD sales through end of September to go to the Red Cross
September 22, 2001

Just thought we'd mention that all proceeds from CD sales for the remainder of this month are going to the Red Cross (as are all the tips Vienna's collecting at shows). Our hearts go out to those who lost someone close to them in last Tuesday's attacks, and we hope that something good and lasting will come out of the struggles ahead.

It's been a hard two weeks. Hugs to all of you out there...

House concert photos on,
July 23, 2001

Ah, the joy of having online photojournalists for friends. Eric Cheng and Adam Tow have both posted coverage of last Saturday's house concert on their respective websites. Thanks, guys!

Summer shows galore
June 27, 2001

Vienna's been out looking for gigs again, and her summer schedule is filling up quickly. Take a look at the shows page -- hopefully there's a date you can make if you're in the area!

Release party photos on
June 14, 2001

The multitalented and very cyber-present Adam Tow has assembled a photo journal from the June 3rd release party for Waking Hour. Thanks for the photos and the free publicity, Adam!

Waking Hour is here!
May 28, 2001

Yes folks, that long-awaited moment has arrived! Sorry for the delay, and thanks for your patience.

We've set up ways to order the album by Visa or Mastercard as well as by check if you wish. There are also sound clips in the discography and (as mentioned in the last news item) streaming mp3s on the site.

Thanks again and enjoy!

Waking Hour streaming mp3s on
April 14, 2001

With the album release close at hand, we've put the tracks (in their entirety -- none of this teaser-sound-clip business) on for streaming. Just click on "Lo Fi Play" if you've got a slow connection or "Hi Fi Play" if you have a fast one. Note that even the "Hi Fi" mp3s were actually encoded at a pretty low bitrate (64 kbps), so while they should give you a good idea of what the album sounds like, they're no substitute for the real thing. The final versions of The Tower and Gravity are also available as high-quality (128 kbps) downloads, as they are here.

We'll be sure to post an update when we have those shrink-wrapped jewel cases in our eager hands...

Upcoming solo shows!
March 20, 2001

Vienna's snagged a few gigs from her visits to open mics in the past couple of weeks. See the new shows page.

Waking Hour audio master completed
March 16, 2001

Mastering of the audio tracks is finished (a few weeks' delay back there when we sent Between back to be redone), and we've approved a preliminary proof of the artwork films. It never ceases to amaze us how many steps there are in the process, and how slowly it seems to go...but things are happening, fear not, and we'll set up the order forms here on the website once the manufacturer says it's got the presses rolling.

On the live side, after several weeks of attempting to assemble a band, Vienna decided that it's best to go the solo route for now, playing open mics and such. We'll add a page of upcoming shows soon.

Waking Hour artwork goes to manufacturer
February 1, 2001

Following the Law of Things Being Tried For The First Time, finalizing the album artwork took about six times as long as anticipated, but it's finally mailed off to the manufacturer. We now know more about CMYK conversion than we ever really wanted to know (which still isn't nearly enough). The audio is still in mastering, but now we can dust off our hands and just wait. Eric is taking a well-deserved break from album-related affairs, and Vienna can focus on getting her live act put together. More news as it comes in...

Waking Hour goes off to mastering
January 9, 2001

The audio files of Waking Hour are in a U.S. Priority Mail envelope on their way to the mastering facility. Woohoo! The initial design and layout of the album artwork are also finished -- pretty much all that's left is to re-scan the photos at a higher resolution and place them just so, and then we're good to go to the manufacturing plant. Check back in a few weeks for another update.

Requesting opinions on album packaging
November 20, 2000

Jewel boxes, little cardboard sleeves or those funky digipak things? Take a look and express your preference.

Website goes public
October 21, 2000

Well, here it is. We'd hoped to open up the website along with Waking Hour's release, but it's still in utero. The album, that is. Of course, websites are no fun unless they're perpetually "Under Construction," so check back from time to time for new stuff.

Have fun!

-Vienna and Eric