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Waking Hour Availability

Posted by Dennis Webb on February 02, 2003 at 18:41:52:

When I checked out Amazon and B&N websites a day or so after Vienna's Letterman appearance, both had "Waking Hour" as a special order, with a two-week delay. But by the end of last week, both online stores had it "in stock" with only a two-day wait. So I think they must have gotten a lot of orders last week.

On the subject of posting MP3s of songs, I rarely buy current pop music CDs anymore unless I have a chance to hear them first and I really like them. As soon as I downloaded and heard a couple of Vienna's I was eager to buy the CD and placed an order with B&N last week. I emailed my brother the link to this site and once he had downloaded and listened to only one of the songs, he ordered the CD from Amazon (and received it only three days later).

I do think making some MP3s available is very helpful in building a following.

Best of luck, Vienna, and please come east to perform.


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